Carry Roller

The Roller are very important component of belt conveyor. They are present along the entire Length of the conveyor, support the belt and moving the materials loaded on the belt. The diameter of the idler could be correctly selected according to the belt width and Travel speed. We produce f60mm, Ǿ 63.5mm, Ǿ 76mm, Ǿ 89mm, Ǿ 102mm, Ǿ 114mm, Ǿ 127mm, Ǿ 139mm, Ǿ159mm. They almost cover all belt width requirement General steel Roller consists of idler shell, spindle, bearing, bearing house, seals Equipment and axial fixed unites.


1) Steady running, reliable quality and reduce maintenance;

2) Less movement longitudinally, rotating smoothly, extends the life span;

3) Various bearing housing and sealing structure are available for the customer's choice;

4) Multipass labyrinthine sealing, preventing the mixed dirt and water immersed;

5) Manufacturing by steel pipe especially for of high precision roller, ensuring the strong load, low shaking and less noise.

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Our product superiority stems from the fact that we are we are the only company in the world specializing solely in conveyor belt tracking technologies.


Increase your production and reduce downtime

Greatly reduce damage to conveyor belt edges and structures

Increase conveyor belt life Reduce spillage and wastage

Reduce labour allocated for clearing spillage

Reduce main motor power consumption Improve your safety record