Diagonal Plow

To keep lumps, rocks, and other fugitive materials out of your tail pulley, or gravity take-up pulleys, try the RDP1 Diagonal Plow.


Features and Benefits:


Designed to protect against carryback that may fall onto the inside of the return belt and cause damage or mistracking

Installed at a 45-degree angle across the belt to discharge fugitive material to a predetermined side

Unique angled blade that creates quick, effective “spiral” action

Installed in a fixed position, eliminates bouncing and vibration problems associated with floating-style plows thanks to fixed position

Specially formulated UHMWPE polyurethane blade that delivers long wear life and less belt friction

Can be installed in minutes and requires little maintenance

Versatile mounting plates that fits virtually any conveyor structure



Available in four sizes to accommodate various belt widths



Underground mining, hard rock and metal mining, aggregate, bulk material handling, and wood products operations

For belt widths from 18" – 84" (450 – 2100mm)


Can be installed on the inside of the return belt anywhere fugitive materials are a problem