Flexco Belt Trainer

The only true high performance belt trainer on the market, the PT Max™ employs a unique "pivot and tilt" action that increases tension on the side of the belt that is mistracking, while reducing tension on the opposite side. This causes the belt to quickly return to center –– much faster and more effectively than with pivot action alone.

Features and Benefits:

Sensor rollers that detect belt wander, then engage the belt edge, triggering both pivoting and tilting actions

Dual rollers that safeguard belt edges, reducing severe edge pressure and minimizing damage

Fully enclosed, stainless steel pivot bearing that requires no lubrication and is guaranteed not to seize

Easy to install and maintain –– rollers can be replaced with standard on-site idler rollers

Compatible with mechanically fastened and vulcanized belts

Excellent performance in wet and dry conditions

Custom built for each conveyor system to ensure maximum performance


Available in standard and heavy-duty models, and top- and return-side models



For belts mistracking to one side or both sides



For belt widths from 24" – 84" (600 – 2100 mm