Fire resistant conveyor belts are primarily needed for internal transportation within buildings and also in tunnels and mines where safety is of paramount importance. There are numerous safety classifications and international standards and to meet these demands, Dunlop has developed a large range of fire resistant (flame retardant) cover qualities

In environments where coal dust, gas, fertilizer or other combustible materials are involved, it is essential that the conveyor belts being used cannot create static electricity that can ignite gases and dust in the atmosphere. A very important safety feature of all Dunlop belts is that they are anti-static and conform to EN/ISO 20284 international standards and therefore can be used in ATEX classified surroundings.

Our fire resistant conveyor belts are used extensively in many industries including mining, wood, paper & pulp, sugar & food, recycling and chemical & fertilizer plants. Dunlop has been a major supplier of conveyor belting to the German mining industry for over 30 years, which has probably the most demanding, independently tested standards in the world. 

BV K/S Grade - Fire resistant for the transport of inflammable and explosive materials such as coal dust etc. (Duration: 80°C. Peak 90°C) 

V / VT Grade – Fire resistant qualities specially developed for mining applications (Duration: 80°C. Peak 90°C) 

Fire and Oil Resistant Covers

BVM K/S Grade – Fire and oil resistant, for most products with animal and vegetable oils and greases. (Duration: 80°C. Peak 90°C) 

BVS K/S Grade – Fire and oil resistant, for products containing mineral oils 

(Duration: 80°C. Peak 90°C).